Tradition and Technology

Falegnameria Magalotti was founded in the late 1800s and, over four generations, it has grown and developed through their extraordinary ability to work wood with love, care, and respect for tradition. The company has consolidated its ability to offer targeted solutions over time to meet the demands of an increasingly discerning customer base that values the exclusivity of an optimal product.
Each product is handcrafted to measure


Custom-made raised panel doors and in LAMTECH, available in over 28 natural colors + a wide range of lacquered colors.
Bespoke windows in classic, baroque or owlet beak styles, available in various natural and lacquered shades.
Custom wooden sliding doors in various colors.
Wide range of accessories for doors and windows available in both classic and modern styles.

Our products are eco-sustainable

The wood we use comes only from FSC-certified suppliers, ensuring its origin from responsibly-managed forests. We use only non-toxic paints and self-produced renewable energy.


We create your fixtures step by step, from the initial inspection, to custom design, to installation and assistance.


For a free inspection or visit to our showroom at our Selci (San Giustino) headquarters, give us a call.