Tradition and technology

Falegnameria Magalotti

Falegnameria Magalotti was founded in the late 1800s and, over 4 generations, has grown and developed through its extraordinary ability to work with wood with love, care, and respect for tradition. Through word of mouth, which represents the fundamental element of its growing development over time, the company has consolidated its ability to offer targeted solutions to meet the demands of an increasingly discerning clientele, who are attentive to the exclusivity of an optimal product.

Artisans for passion

The use of advanced technologies and the most modern machinery has not prevented the company from maintaining the traditional craftsmanship, manual skill, and experience gained over years of dedication to working with wood. This passion is achieved through the careful selection of materials and meticulous control of the manufacturing process at all stages in order to ensure excellent quality, beauty, and durability over time.


Choosing a Magalotti window and door system means purchasing a product that is meticulously crafted and has passed the most stringent CE* regulatory tests. With ongoing quality control and expertise in wood combined with continuous technical updates, Magalotti provides an excellent option. Windows and doors increasingly play a crucial role in modern home construction, and thanks to Magalotti's flexible production, multiple solutions for both materials and finishes are available to offer the ideal fit for every home.
* Certifications Obtained:
Water PermeabilityCLASS 4
Wind ResistanceClass C5
Water TightnessClass E 1050


We work with wood, which is a product of the earth, and therefore we respect it. The energy we use for our machinery comes mainly from solar power. We only use wood from sustainably managed and renewable forests and we exclusively use water-based non-polluting paints.


Although maintaining the craftsmanship of our manufacturing, our laboratory features cutting-edge machinery and qualified staff.